Your First Visit

At Northeast Dental we want to ensure your visit is easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. We are always striving to provide the best treatment possible. Knowing what to expect on your first visit will help you understand how we can treat you better.

Before Your Appointment

You’ve already made a phone call and it’s the day of your appointment.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early, we will really appreciate it!
  • Remember to bring your health card and any insurance information.

When you approach our front desk, one of our receptionists will be happy to greet you. There is a new patient questionnaire for you to fill out that will help us serve you better.

Then have a seat, and we’ll be with you shortly.

During Your Appointment

Checkup & Cleaning Appointments

If you’re in for a checkup and a cleaning, one of our hygienists will likely greet you first to clean your teeth. The hygienist will also discuss any findings and may take x-rays for examination.

It is common for the dentist to see you after your cleaning, as it is easier for the dentist to properly examine your teeth. The dentist will discuss any findings with you and give treatment options based on your needs.

Hopefully no treatment is required but, if there is, the dentist will make a treatment plan for you to book after your appointment is over.

Addressing a Dental Problem

If your first appointment is to address a specific dental problem, one of our dental assistants will greet you first. The dental assistant will discuss your specific issue to inform the dentist of. Any x-rays required may be taken at this time.

The dentist will then diagnose and provide treatment options for your dental problem. Depending on the treatment required and the option you choose, the dentist may provide treatment at this appointment. Sometimes follow-up treatment is required for you to book after your appointment.

There are instances where immediate dental treatment and the health of your current teeth must be considered. In these situations, treatment may be required at subsequent appointments. If you are in pain, we always strive to do what is necessary to relieve it!

After Your Appointment

You will then proceed to the reception area where a financial estimate of the treatment plan is presented to you and discussion of insurance coverage and treatment options are reviewed.

When you are happy with your treatment plan, appointments can be scheduled at your convenience. We are more than happy to you assist you every step of the way and look forward to providing you the best treatment possible.